Shelter Summary Data, Vigo County*

Total IntakeTotal AdoptionsOut of County TransfersReturned to OwnerEuthanized
4 Year Total12,1523,5814,8851,1081,807

*Provided by Terre Haute Humane Society and Harmony Haven

Analysis: Vigo County animal collection data recorded in the table above includes animals brought to the Terre Haute Humane Society and Harmony Haven, the two established animal shelters in the County. Uncounted animals include individual and veterinarian sponsored adoptions, which from all estimates may be as many as one-third of those reported by the agencies.

From 2005 2007, the total number of dogs and cats collected in Vigo County increased only about 6%, and averaged 2,954 animals per year. The number of adoptions from within the County and the number of animals returned to their owner likewise remained relatively consistent, at an average of 860 per year and 248 per year, respectively. Significant progress, however, was made in reducing the number of animals euthanized, largely through a dramatic increase in transfers of animals to placement agencies outside Vigo County. 2007 shows nearly a 100 percent increase in the number of transfers over 2005, along with a corresponding 78 percent reduction in the number of euthanasias performed.

In 2008, about 230 more animals were taken in by the shelters, 220 more were adopted locally than in the previous year, 50 more adopted out of the County, and approximately 130 more were returned to owners than in 2007. Only 137 animals were euthanized, an 87% reduction from four years earlier! As remarkable as this is, Vigo County shelters still take in almost 2,000 more animals than the County can house.

Without an overall reduction in the number of animal births, this progress is only sustainable as long as transfers are accepted by outside communities which have successfully stabilized their animal population. Therefore, many VCAC member organizations emphasize spay/neuter education and assistance.

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